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Does ‘The Twilight Saga:Eclipse’ Have it’s Riley???

Several sites such as Eonline, The Hollywood Reporter, and others have reported that Summit Entertainment has cast the role ‘Riley’ in the third Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse.

However, no official press release or statement has been released from Summit Entertainment!!!

I agree with both Twilight Lexicon and His Golden Eyes when they say not to believe casting rumors unless an official release has been made by Summit.  Both sites will NOT post casting rumors on their sites, only once Summit has confirmed the casting will the sites post it.

Per Twilight Lexicon:

Long and short of it: too early for official comment on the studio or actor’s part. This kind of thing genreally not confirmed until ink is way dry on contract. If you’re a huge name like a Brad Pitt you might comment early, but not a relative unknown. Our gut instinct leans yes because THR tends to get it right moreso than they get it wrong.  Bottom line remains to be seen.”

Earlier this evening, Kimmy from HGE sent the following Tweet

Don’t trust casting news unless it comes directly from a reputable source, i.e. HGE, the Lexicon, NOT GOSSIP SITES that are mainly paparazzi

Once Summit confirms the casting of ANY role, I will post it up here!!!

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